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Arunachal Pradesh
7 Days
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Pangsau Pass

Pangsau Pass or Pan Saung Pass is situated at an Altitude of 3727 feet and lies on the crest of the Patkai Hills on the Indo-Burma (Myanmar) Border. It is named after the closet Burmese Village, Pangsau that lies 2KM beyond the pass to the east.

The Pangsau Pass festival is organised every year in Nampong, Arunachal Pradesh. To reach Pangsau Pass one has to take Ledo Road which originates from Ledo in Assam and passed through Arunachal to Myanmar (Burma) and end in Shanghai, China. It was built during World War – II. The distance from Ledo to Pangsau Pass is 61 KM.

Namdapha Forest

Namdapha was originally declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1972 and then National Park in 1983.and became a Tiger Reserve under the Project Tiger in the same year. It name has two Singhpo words “Nam” mean water and “dapha” mean origin (river which originates from Dapha Bum Glacierss). 

 The Forest is located in Changlang district of the State of Arunachal Pradesh near the International Border with Myanmar. It is located between Dapha Bum Range of the Mishmi Hills and the Patkai Rangewith a wide elevation between 200M and 4571M.

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